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Platyceriums or staghorn ferns or have tufted roots growing from a short rhizome that bears two types of fronds, basal and fertile fronds. Basal fronds are sterile, shield or kidney shaped and laminate against the tree and protect the fern’s roots from damage and desiccation. In some Platycerium species the top margin of these fronds forms an open crown of lobes and thereby catches falling forest litter and water. Staghorn ferns need bright, indirect, diffused light to thrive or early morning sun, though they must be protected from the harsh rays of the direct full sun or afternoon sun. Proper watering is an essential component of a staghorn fern’s success. They’ll need frequent watering, but the base should be allowed to dry out in between—about twice a week in warmer climates or during the summer months, and once a week in cooler months

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