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Our nursery carry all kind of perennial (long life) flowers, shrubs, and trees.  We always searching for something different and unique for our customers.  With our sources and our knowledge, we always want to be sure that our plants are suitable for our climate and does well in our area.


Camellia sinensis Now you can grow your own tea plants! Fresh green tea leaves, with all of their health benefits, are yours for the picking all year long. Both green and black teas are easily produced from the leaves of this evergreen shrub. Hardy to zone 7 but can be easily grown in a pot and brought in during the winter. Tea shrubs can be kept to 4-5 feet for ease of harvesting. They can also be grown as a hedge or as an espalier up against a garden wall. Camellia sinensis is an evergreen shrub or small tree, slow growing plant which is usually trimmed to manage the size and needed. The seeds of Camellia sinensis and Camellia oleifera can be pressed to yield tea oil, a sweetish seasoning and cooking oil that should not be confused with tea tree oil, an essential oil that is used for medical and cosmetic purposes, and originates from the leaves of a different plant.   Camellia sinensis plant, with cross-section of the flower (lower left) and seeds (lower right) Fresh leaves contain about 4% caffeine, as well as related compounds including theobromine. The young, light green leaves are preferably harvested for tea production; they have short white hairs on the underside. Older leaves are deeper green. Different leaf ages produce differing tea qualities. Plant does best in partial shade, filtered sun, or morning sun.  Acid loving plant and moderately water. Plant available in our store for 1 gl and 5 gl.


The grevilleas are a remarkable and beautiful group of plants, almost entirely from Australia. The color and structure of the flowers and leaf size and shape are so different in the many species and beautiful flowers. Grevilleas are planted their floral and foliage display as well as ability to attract nectar-feeding birds to the garden. Grevilleas flower best in sunny, dry locations although they will also grow in light shade. Plant in well-draining soil and be very careful of any fertilizers applied to these plants; many Grevillea, especially Western Australian species, are highly sensitive to phosphorus and the use of fertilizers high in this element can be fatal to these plants. They also do not like excessive watering and garden water tolerance or ability to grow near lawns will be exceptions rather than the rule. Regular pruning after flowering is recommended to enhance and rejuvenate flowering and plant growth. Most varieties are drought tolerant, as well as frost hardy down to 20 º F. (Plant available at the nursery, varies in types and sizes  according to season.)

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  1. Mayell

    Are you no longer a fuchsia nursery?

    1. Ed

      We never a fuchsia nursery however we always carry many variety of fuchsia in spring only.

  2. Annabelle

    Do you sell aglia odorata plants?

    1. Ed

      Hi Annabelle,
      We don’t have it available, sorry.

  3. Juan

    Do you sell any lilies? Lilium parryi in particular?

    1. Ed

      Sorry, we don’t sell Lilium parryi.

  4. anthony

    do you have chinese magnolia’s?
    I remeber you having some in several colors….

    1. Ed

      yes, we do but some variety had not bloom yet. You can stop by take a look at them.

  5. Joanne

    Do you have Easter redbuds/ Oklahoma redbuds? Please let me know. Thanks

    1. Ed

      yes, we have western but not oklahoma, we have forest pancy, mexican, and pomm pon white.

  6. Shraddha Swaroop

    Do sell California poppies?

    1. Ed

      Sorry, we don’t

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