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Upland Nursery carried all kind of fruit tree and  tropical fruit tree that does well in our climate.  Please give us  a call for more information such as size and variety.  We do not ship fruit trees, only available for purchase at the retail store.  Here is the example of the fruit trees that we can carried


Guavas are evergreen, shallow-rooted shrubs or small trees to 33 ft, with spreading branches. Growth in California is rarely over 10 – 12 feet. Full sun or half day sun and moderately water.  Plant sets fruit during fall and winter.  Fruit has a smooth textured with a clusters of seed in the center. Flavor is honey sweet. Excellent in tropical juice drinks, jellies and pies. Self fertile and easy to grow.


The trees can adapt to a wide range of soil but prefer rich, well-drained soil, moderately water and can be semi-drought tolerance once established which takes a few years.  Tree can grow upto 20 feet tall and 15- 18 feet wide and it is evergreen. Fruit should ripen between late summer to early winter.  The longan fruit is about the same small size though with a tough golden skin with the white clear fresh inside and black seed ball.  To open a ripen longan, just squeeze it. Pop the flesh into your mouth and spit out the seed. The taste is a sweet and crunchy. A side benefit of eating longan is that it’s used in Chinese medicine as a relaxation aid.


Mango trees make handsome landscape specimens and shade trees. They are erect and fast growing with sufficient heat, and the canopy can be broad and rounded, or more upright, with a relatively slender crown. It is ultimately a large tree, to 20-25 ft.  The trree is a long lived.  Growing mango best in full sun or half day sun area with moderately water, mango can be treated as drought tolerance plant once established.  Havest season of mango can be various from summer to fall depends on the area and climate. 


Star fruit (Carambola) resembles a star when cut in to slices. The entire fruit is edible, skin & flesh. The seeds are small, thin, and few in number. The flesh is juicy with a somewhat firm, crunchy texture. Their taste is lightly sweet with slightly tart undertones, and the flavor is comparable to a combination of pear, apple, & citrus. Star fruit is hight in vitamin C, primary and secondary polyphenolic antioxidants, sodium, and are low in sugar. Preferrable to be planted in full sun or half day sun.  Everygreen in warm climate, semi deciduous in winter in cooler area.  Plants available in 5 gallon and up to 24 inches box, please call for more detail.


Wax Apple ( Jambu)  is a family of Eugenia, it’s a tropical and subtropical tree.  It is very easy to grow and can be grown in full sun or half day sun with moderately water.  Leaves have a nice fresh scents and the fruits come in various of color such as dark pink, light pink, red, black red, green.  It is a every green tree which can grow upto 20 tall and 18 feet wide.  Easy to produce fruits and can be kept smaller.  Fruits should ripen during fall season.  

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    I am looking to purchase a Macopa Tree. It is an Asian Fruit Tree. Do you carry the Macopa Tree in your inventory?

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