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Sun Exposure:  Many Cactus do well in full sun or half day sun.  Most Succulents perform better half day sun, few hours of the sun and some can survive well in partial shade, filtered sun and even bright shade.

Water: During warmer months, water once a week, or when soil is near drying. Some succulents may have to be watered more often depends on the temperature and location of the plants.  During winter months, water once a week or when soil is dry.

Indoor and shady succulent and cactus: do not place indoor them in a hot, sunny area, as they will burn.

Fertilize: Once a month with a balance fertilizer ( diluted in water) use less ratio then what it said on the direction, or once a year with a slow-release, granular fertilizer.

Pachypodiums (“Madagascar Palms”):  Semi/Deciduous depends upon the area. Water sparingly if plant goes dormant.During Growing Season. Water when soil is near dry, about once a week. Does well in full sun or half day sun.  Plant should be kept outdoors or where there is good air circulation.

Epiphyllum and Cereus peravianus (“Night -Blooming Cereus”):  does well in bright shade, partial sun, morning sun.  Water about 2 times a week during a warm month.  Feeding with balance fertilizer.

Imperial Jade Cactus:  Does well in bright shade, partial shade, filtered sun and morning sun (avoid freeze during the winter).  Once a week water during a warm season.

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